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The New Moon In Gemini, 2016 T-Square and The Challenge of Change

If you were wondering what all the racket was about this past weekend, June 4-5, we experienced one of the most important Astrological alignments of 2016: A T-square between Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, which remains within a 10' orb from February 27 to July 21. This convergence of planetary activity supports our movement into the new, basic and unified heart consciousness we have been moving toward. (Below is a copy of the chart)

Although these planets anchor the event, the wobbly player was the New Moon transiting at 14' Gemini, adding the final piece to the puzzle. A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon occupy the same place in the sky, at this time, 14' Gemini. Venus was also conjunct the new moon. The New Moon is invisible to us in the sky, the dark side of the unconscious, the hidden, the unaware. And, when the moon is full, all that is unconscious now will become conscious and visible.

So, what does all of this mean for us? We have layers and layers of unraveling information and depending on where you are currently in your consciousness, belief systems and choice to live in truth, the answer has already shown itself.

For me personally, it was a breakdown of all that I had been holding up, everything which meant anything to me came into the firing line. I felt that I had finally given birth to something which had been cooking inside of me for a very long time. And, as it turned out, I needed to birth it and move on. My Natal Moon lives at 14' Gemini, so this was an impossibly powerful and core rocking event for me. I'm still reeling from the emotional shakeup I experienced over the weekend. Hoping it would pass quickly, I realized it wouldn't be so easy this time. The event took all of us back to our Solar roots, our Star Bodies and our Mission. Without offering you a very lengthy explanation of how that happens, let me just make it simple. Change is upon us, it is imminent and none can escape the Magnetic energies brought about through this astrological event.

I facilitated an Advanced Class on Friday evening, and one of the messages from the Ascended Beings was :

"Life on earth will now cease to exist as you have known it for some time now. We have experienced a pole shift, the magnetic energy has caused the earth to tilt just enough to create change throughout every single vibration and system. It has been long coming, subtle and unnoticeable, until finally during this event, reached enough critical mass to actualize visible and irrevocable change. All systems must re-calibrate to maintain force and function on Earth. Every body and being here and elsewhere will be affected by this shift, first in subtle ways, until all that has transformed inside will become visible outside, as in a new life. Those living in darkness and blind consciousness will become aware and still have time to choose. Otherwise change will happen to them, not through them causing difficulty and pain. Energy is our primal and most organic language. It is the basic functionality for all life forms. If the language of energy is ignored, chaos ensues in its place. "

Basically we have until the end of this transit, July 21st to rectify what is out of alignment and decide if we are willing to change. The Ancient Tribes have been talking about this time and momentous event for thousands of years. And yet we still choose to believe it isn't real and it isn't happening. What will it take for our civilization to acknowledge the truth? We have been given so much time and thousands of reasons why we should change, along with proof left here from long ago showing us the urgency we would face. Our world is created through each of us, choosing and living through our free will. Very few people realize how powerful free will really is. Life on Earth is a cumulative effect of all that has gone before. If we don't change our ways, we will again experience those events which caused us the most damage.

Our world is in crisis, and personally, I am sick and tired of hearing people blaming and complaining all of the time. I feel like we live in a world of ignorant and arrogant people who would rather believe in the lies than the truth. Especially when all they need to do is open their eyes and take a real look at what is happening.

The problems still exist on very deep internal levels. I know some of the problem is because people still carry so many outdated patterns and belief systems which don't serve anything anymore and they choose to be blind to the changes we need, still self serving. It is so obvious we need new and radical transformation. And the idea that we have so many healers on the planet now who can do so much if they get their message out there.

I know many who try so hard to bring the light. Most are never heard because the message falls on deaf ears. People still want to be led, want to believe their power is outside of them or truthfully want to hold onto the belief god is in charge. I find religion and spirituality to be excuses for so many people. those who really don't want to take any responsibility for the life they continue to live, using free will to deny the truth and uphold the darkness of the lie. Truth is not religious or spiritual, it is a language of love.

When will we learn? How may more wars, famine or trials and tribulations will we suffer before we unite into a heart based language of life? What will it take before people understand they each have the power to create change?

I'm tired. I've been leading people through change for many years now. I've brought the Ancient Star Language of Truth to the planet, one seed at a time. Those seeds were planted inside of people who wish to be leaders of change, disciples of truth. And the event this past weekend showed me just how far under water we really are. And, how many more evolutionary cycles we need to live the truth. It is disappointing.

Truth is a language, once woken up inside of us creates its own exponential movement of change and transformation. Most people fear truth because they fear change. Our bodies and what lies inside of us operate from instinctive truth, and we all know that truth changes everything. Those who run from truth are running from themselves, driving their soul deeper and deeper into the carnage of the past. The past just repeats itself until the language of truth is awakened and freed. We need conscious awareness of truth, not mind bending ideas subject to the patterns and belief systems of our past.

Truth was the way in and it is the only way out. Where do you stand on the idea of truth?

Gemini is often associated with Mediumship. A form of communication breaching the boundaries of all worlds. Communication on every level. We have opportunities to step up our game and lean to communicate in new and powerful ways. We can use this communication to bring more truth, light and change to ourselves and our planet.

So go ahead, don't be afraid. Step into the arena and give communication a try. Call in your Guides, your loved ones, and listen to what they have to say. You may be surprised at the gifts you have hidden from yourself.

Change is imminent, so let' s band together and anchor it into the heart so we can learn to live from truth.

And, sorry for the choppy and disconnected messages here today. I'm still not myself, or whomever I'm going to be now. My pieces are falling, disconnected trying to discover where they belong now. I'm not even sure I am me anymore. Since Saturday, nothing is the same as it was and it will never again be. Angela has died once more, abandoning all that was once her identity, now an empty vessel beginning to birth her future self here and now. I will let you know how it goes.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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