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30 Day Challenge for Change

Are you ready for change?

Beginning today, we (the guides and I) are challenging our readers on a quest for change.

For the next 30 days, we would like to help you make one small change each day. After 30 days you will be surprised at how much you have let go of.

Change is challenging for many people, a sense of loss or fear is often the culprit underneath of the resistance. Sometimes just cleaning a closet or throwing away old items stored in bags or boxes can be completely freeing, allowing for new things to come in. Sweep the cobwebs out of your head, take a deep breath and begin anew.

People sometimes ask me why they cannot find the right person to share life with. And, what I usually find out is their "clutter" is in the way. Making space for the new speaks volumes from your soul on every level. So, today, we ask you to begin making small changes, small commitments which lead to bigger change and transformation.

What is your least favorite thing to do? Chores? Exercise? Changing your diet? Or, could it be something emotional hanging over your head? If each day you just chose one chore, or go for a walk instead of sitting on the couch, etc., you can do wonders for your health and your life. Or maybe your issues are more emotional. Is it a problem with speaking up, speaking your truth, honoring yourself, opening your heart for a new love, sparking your passion or creativity? Maybe you have remaining issues from childhood or the past which need to be healed. Each day can be a new day of dazzle, dance and love if you commit to yourself for just 30 days.

Change is overwhelming when we procrastinate. Each day we are aware of something we need to attend to and don't do it, it piles up on top of everything else we have to do. The idea of change is then overwhelming and we feel exhausted just thinking about all that needs to be done. So if we just take one thing at a time, take are of it and move it off of the pile we have made a change. We have lessened the load and created new space. The more we do it, the easier it gets. Eventually our bodies will become accustomed to a new routine of showing up, taking charge, being empowered and eliminating unnecessary "clutter" from all parts of our lies. We will become more fully what we organically are, and see life with different vision. All because we decided to change.

Find a friend, someone whom you trust and enjoy being with. Ask them to take the challenge with you, and do it together. This is one change which will allow you to stay on track, and you will be helping your friend also.

I am also committing to this challenge. For me, change is a constant, daily reminder of who I am. I follow the influences of evolution, always, because of the work I do for others. I am always in a flow of rocking, pushing and allowing. Sometimes I feel like I don't have enough rooted, stable or strong foundation in my life. So, one of my change challenges is to create more structure on a daily basis, a routine which will assist me to get my big projects done, like writing a book. Something I have always wanted to do but never seem to have the time or energy to complete.

So each day, I will spend 1 hour working on the book, and eventually create some real space in my life for it to be completed.

The Guides have a piece in this challenge also. They observe the struggles we go through, the heaviness we carry, the difficulty we have in letting go, even when everything inside of us is pushing us to let go. We have trouble walking away from relationships which no longer work for us, or moving on from a job we may have had for many years even if we do not receive what we need from it. And, the crippling emotional baggage we carry, fear, loss, grief, which will definitely prevent us from feeling alive and free often becomes the addiction. And, addictive behaviors seem to be the norm now. We are addicted to numbing policies in our lives, social media, too much TV. way too much web surfing, we eat too much, drink too much, don't exercise enough or sleep enough. We are in a rut and it may not be obvious. We don't LIVE or LOVE enough either.

At a time like this, a crossroads for our future, we need to get back into our bodies, and actually use our intuition, to feel what is happening on the planet and allow the new to unfold in our lives. This because we are changing, our world is changing and we cannot prevent change from happening. We have a choice, we can hold back, resist and force change to happen TO US, or we can let go and go with the Universal Language of Evolution, which is change. Change is constant. End of story. But, we try to hold on, hold back and resist what is natural, what will cure our ills, what will help us see the "light" for ourselves. And we wonder why we suffer so much. CONTRARY to popular belief, suffering is not natural. It is the result of "cause and effect" behaviors which we ourselves create and allow.

So., the guides will assist those who truly wish to experience freedom, to be unchained, to let go. The will offer up energy, information and assistance for individuals who are open and receptive to their help. And, change will be easier than you think.

So, as a community, we will do this together. We can cry, laugh, muse at our own behaviors, and we will learn not to fear change. We will share our joy and our accomplishments. As we climb the mountain of freedom, we will learn what holds us back, where our fear has roots, and why we fear change so much. We will become aware of our addictions, our grief and learn that we won't die if we change. And we will find support in each other when we need it.

So, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Cliche I know, but true. Any time is the right time to take care of YOU. So, what will it be? What is your first challenge for change going to be?

Take the easiest or take the hardest thing. How about we all start with a few moments of silence, followed by a few moments of self-honoring. Take some time this evening to acknowledge YOU and all of the love you bring to the world. See yourself as others see you and go from there. I do believe the beginning of any new birth should begin with LOVE. You are the love, but I bet you never take the time to see all that you are. Your gifts, talents, kindness, or whatever it is that makes you YOU. From there, maybe think about some behaviors you would like to change in yourself. Make a list, and each day work on one piece of those behaviors.

And, if you are one who feels like you do not or cannot commit to this challenge, then my advice would be to sit and "feel" what is coming up for you. As yourself why you won't commit to change. I'm sure you will feel anger underneath it all. Some people don't like being told what to do or have anyone expose them for what they really are. Obviously, this would be a great place to begin your journey into change.

As you go forward, the sense of becoming free will feel so good, you will want to continue your quest.

I will keep track of my progress, and continue writing about it under this post by date. So check back and see how i am doing. When we have to own up to our commitments, it makes us more likely to complete our tasks.

And, if you want to share your journey, you can send me e-mails,, and I will post some of your information to encourage others to stay on the quest.

Good Luck and Fly Free!

August 2, 2016

Dear Diary - today is Day 2 of the Challenge.

Well, after I sat and listed everything I have neglected to do or finish, I decided that I have 3 major challenges which I need to approach. That being said, I woke up feeling anxious this morning. I know we have a new moon today, but the anxiety came from a much deeper place. recognizing that it is all on me at the moment and feeling overwhelmed.

My first priority is to "finish" all of the things I leave in Limbo, like getting in better shape. I have already committed to a new health regime, but it stalls mid week. I need to be on top of this. Changing my health/body is priority for me. So, I will adjust my schedule to include time each day, not leave this to "later".

And the book. Something looming around in my psyche for many, many years. The content has changed many times over the past decade, but never seems to come into form. So, now, each day, I will sit with it and at least sketch a clear outline. Then add to it day to day until I see it come together. The ideas flow freely, and that becomes part of the stalling. I have so many ideas I never seem to choose one and stay with it. Limbo again....I live in that "in between state" and it seems my projects end up there with me.

Lastly, the third major challenge for me is time management-------that is a huge one for many people. I run my own business, and am responsible for every aspect of it. Becoming larger than life, again, the ideas, things I start but can't keep up with because I have too many projects at once. Finishing one would be a miracle! So, I need to organize my day so I always have "me time", to get to the gym and do some writing. And, I would like to include a committed relationship in here somewhere. This Challenge is already adding up to some pretty interesting insight about life! Stay with me guys...

It is a good thing Einstein is teaching me how to move beyond time, that way I can have infinite energy at my fingertips and maybe get along on 4 hours of sleep each night.


Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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